Omg! Husband Beats Wife Silly for Trying to Force Him to Have S*x With Her


Omg! Husband Beats Wife Silly for Trying to Force Him to Have S*x With Her

A man has brutally beaten his horny wife who tried to force him to have hot s*x with her while he was not interested. *Photo used for illustrative purpose* A woman was left totally brutalized and wounded for trying to force her husband to have hot s*x with her.

The incident happened in Zimbabwe. According to H-Metro, this came out in the trial of 25- year old Brighton Madzinga who appeared before Mbare magistrate Tafadzwa Miti charged with physical abuse. Madzinga told the court that he never intended to assault his wife Noria Garai, 20, but her actions led to the assault.

“Your worship I don’t deny that I assaulted her but she is the one who caused it. She was forcing me to have sexual intercourse with her but I wasn’t interested,” he said. He added; “As if that was not enough she also lied to me that she was pregnant with my child but when I requested to go for some tests she ran away. I also tried to take her to my aunt so that she could talk to her but she refused.

This woman is becoming a problem in my life. I also once left her in Epworth with her relatives but she always comes back”. Madzinga told the court that he is no longer interested in the woman but she keeps on pestering him. Allegations facing Madzinga are that sometime on June 29 around 12am this year his wife woke up and demanded that he has sexual intercourse with her but refused.

This did not go well with Garai who was craving for her conjugal rights leading to a misunderstanding between the two. After being annoyed by his wife Madzinga started to assault her with open hands before using belt. Garai sustained some cuts on her mouth. She made a police report leading to the arrest of the accused.

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