Let’s Talk About The Misuse Of The Words ‘Advice’ And ‘Advise’


Good morning fellow readers. Many a time I come across posts where these words ‘advice’ and ‘advise’ are used interchangeably . For instance, someone might want to say ‘I need your advice’ and we see something like ‘I need your advise’ which is wrong. ‘Please advice me’ instead of ‘Please advise me’. Now the thing is, the word ‘advice’ is a noun and does not take ‘to’ modal auxiliaries such as will, would, may, can etc,. Has/have/had cannot also come before it, eg, my advice for you is this, work hard. NOT My advise for you is this, work hard. Advise is a verb which can admit ‘to’ and the auxiliary verbs above before it eg, I wish to advise you/I may advise you/I will advise you to… So advice seekers need to take note of these things so that we can as well, advise you.


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