HID Awolowo Foundation to be unveiled Sept 19


AFTER months of preparation and planning, the HID Awolowo Foundation will be unveiled on September 19.

To be dedicated to the commemoration of the life, times and legacy of Yeye Oodua HID Awolowo, an outstanding stateswoman, who passed away on the same date last year, the HID Awolowo Foundation’s unveiling will take place at the Ik¹nn¹, Ogun State, home of the AwolÍwÍ’s.

Announcing arrangements for the event, Dr. ÌlatokunbÍ AwolÍwÍ Dosumu, executive director/founding member, Obafemi AwolÍwÍ Foundation, in a statement, said the occasion to be chaired by Mrs Ayo Obe is ‘’expected to attract a qualitative audience of distinguished men and women across the nation’’ and will ‘’feature among other events, the inauguration of the HID AwolÍwÍ Foundation Advisory Council and a lecture to be delivered by Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin.’’

She said: ‘’The HID AwolÍwÍ Foundation is being launched under the aegis of the Ìbaf¹mi AwolÍwÍ Foundation with the aim of perpetuating the edifying legacy of Yeye Oodua HID AwolÍwÍ, the character of which was complimentary and contributed significantly to the success of the life mission of her husband, Chief Ìbaf¹mi AwolÍwÍ.

‘’In doing this, we are eager to ensure that the notable qualities of Yeye Oodua HID AwolÍwÍ, her statesmanship and perseverance in the face of adversity continue to inform the national architecture of values and character building.

‘’It should be noted that the HID AwolÍwÍ Foundation will exist as a Research And Advocacy Institute, independent, nonprofit and non-partisan with the core objective of propagating the ideals of Yeye Oodua HID AwolÍwÍ whose place in the political history of Nigeria is assured.’’

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