14 year old girl attempts suicide after mum warns her to stop dating her okada rider bae


Love, they say, is blind and can make you do silly things.

Scratch that. It can make you do
downright unbelievably stupid things.
14 year old girl attempts suicide after mum warns her to stop dating her okada rider bae

Why else, if not for love, would a 14 year old girl attempt to kill herself because her single mother, warned her to stay away from her boyfriend? Well if Romeo and Juliet died in the name of love, why should hers be any different? The young girl who is the fourth child of one Maame Ampomaa is reportedly fighting for her life at Nweneso Number One in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The mother narrated to Class News that she realized her daughter had found herself a boyfriend about a week ago, and as a single mother and of course what every mother would do, advised her to stay away from the said lover else she would have to stay home if pregnancy strikes.

Almost driven mad at the prospect of having to break her relationship with her new found love, the teenager attempted to commit suicide. The mother said she went to her child’s room this morning only to find the almost lifeless body of her daughter.

The girl who was reported to be in a critical condition is now stable, though she cannot eat and drink as it stands now. The loverboy who has caused all the brouhaha is said to be a 34-year old community okada rider (commercial motorcyclist).

The man ought to be ashamed of himself for dating an immature, 14 year old child. Now see what has happened. Just negodu!!!

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