10 Times Theft Made You Cry In School


1. When you wash and hang your uniform outside and come back to meet just peg.

2. When you check your provisions after visiting day and see everything has reduced by half.

3. When your notes would get “missing” 5 days to exams.

4. When your best friend whose job it was to send messages to your bae stole her from you.

5. When you couldn’t find your maths set the morning of your maths exam.

6. When someone from your hostel copies your assignment and submits it before you.

7. When you turn your head for 3 seconds in the dining hall and your meat disappears.

8. When someone moves your favourite underwear and you don’t know whether to cry or be disgusted.

9. When you forget you pencil case in class and come back to meet only the case.

10. When you wake up to have your bath and can’t find your bucket you suffered to fetch the night before.

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